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CT Kids Closet Sale

How to Sell
**Please note, this site is still under construction, so not all of the links below are currently active. Contact me with questions and I am working on site editing regularly.***

  • Register by clicking the links on the Join the Team or Consignor Login pages on this website during our open registration time frame. Registration is open to the first 100 consignors who complete the entire registration process. There is a waiting list for those who wish to register after we have reached 100 consignors. Usually, a few openings become available before registration locks. A small portion of sellers who are on the waiting list will be offered the option of consigning as a restocking consignor, adding their items to the sale Saturday morning. No registration fees are collected from consignors on the waiting list.

  • There is a non-refundable $11 registration fee for each event. The fee is payable via Paypal at the time of registration. If you prefer to send a check, the option is available during registration. Please send your payment to the address provided. Once your payment has been received, you will be approved to enter items into the sale, print tags, select team member shifts and a check-in time all through the My Consignment Manager site link listed on the Consignor Login page of this website. Registration fees help offset some of the up-front costs, such as advertising for the consignment sale event.

  • Get your items ready for the sale by thoroughly cleaning items, hanging clothing and tagging items according to the guidelines available on this site. Click HERE for a diagram that displays how to hang and tag your items. If using a tagging gun, please only tag items on an inside tag or along a seam. Otherwise, holes are created and the clothing is damaged. For the safety of our shoppers and team members, the use of straight pins is prohibited.

  • Need suggestions on how to price your items? Click HERE for a pricing guide. You are welcome to price items as you see fit, but if prices are set too high, your items are not likely to sell.

  • Schedule your check-in/drop off appointment using the My Consignment Manager site "volunteer" link,  available on MyCm once you are signed in. Make sure you have all of your items ready to be placed on the sales floor prior to your drop-off appointment. Upon arrival, please find the drop off area to check in with a team member and submit a signed copy of the consignor agreement. You will be instructed where to place your items on the sales floor once they have been checked in. Volunteers may be available to assist, but you must be prepared to place all of your items on the sales floor in the appropriate places during your appointment time. Most items should be completely put together for display at the sale. Sometimes vehicle space requires large items to be transported in pieces, and you, as the owner, are usually best at putting an item together quickly and correctly. For most consignors, drop off should take 15-30 minutes. If you are new to consigning or have a lot of items, please allow extra time for drop off. Please let us know in advance if you feel you will need more time. There will be rolling clothing racks and flat bed carts available for use during drop-off.

  • Earn 60-75% of your sold item prices. You can sign up for team member shifts and increase your percentage up to 75%. Shifts are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. Please have child care available for your scheduled shift times, as children of any age are not allowed during the shifts. Shifts are 4 hours long, with a maximum of 12 hours per consignor. If you have a specific skill that would be helpful for the sale, please let me know in advance.

  • There is a 2,000 item maximum item limit per consignor. If you feel you have more than the maximum, you will need to register for the sale again with a separate consignor #. If consigning items for someone else, that person should have their own consignor #, even if managed by you. You can drop off and pick up more than one consignor # if necessary.

The online registration and tagging system is user-friendly. Please don't be scared off by the technology involved. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to email Amy at .

You can register to consign up until 11:59 pm on the Friday before a sale begins, but it is always best to plan earlier. You will be able to enter items until 11:59 pm on the Sunday night before the sale begins. You will not be able to register, enter items or make changes to your items after this time. You will be able to print tags. The items you bring to the sale must be on hangers, tagged, cleaned and ready to be sold before your drop off/check-in appointment. Please be sure to secure loose parts as items easily become separated during the sale.

Please do not make any changes to your tags by hand once they are printed. We cannot honor hand-written changes, as the computer scanner reads the bar code information on the tags at the register. Trying to enter item information by hand slows down registers and makes for longer lines for our customers.

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