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About Us

Hello Everyone, on May 25, 2018, I purchased the CT Kids Closet from Maura. I have been consigning with the sale since Ellen owned it. Maura and I met back then, when she and I were both volunteering. Her story is below, which I don’t want to remove, but to add to the history of the sale. Some of you will know me as the person running around like crazy during the sale, helping customers and organizing the tables, with quick stops for a drink of Pepsi. Now, I am putting that energy into the owner’s side of the sale. There have been a lot of bumps along the way, but I look forward to a great first year and getting to know all of you. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you everyone for helping me make CT Kids Closet successful for all of us.


2/24/19 Update:

I just want to be clear about what my intentions are with CT Kids Closet. I do not plan on ending sales in CT. I do plan on expanding into NY while still running the sales in CT that Maura and her family worked hard to build up. I do live in NY, but keeping sales in neighboring CT has always been part of my plan. Sadly, this past year has been the most difficult of my life due to personal events and unforeseen issues. I have not been able to have the type of start I desired, but owning a consignment sale has been one of my dreams since I learned what a consignment sale was. I love the sales and the people I come in contact with while working them.  I apologize if this has left some of you feeling uncertain about what is to come. I look forward to seeing many of you reading this in the sales to come.

Amy Sherman

Maura’s Story:

I had kids.....4 of them! I used to buy and sell on ebay and though this great forum there, the “CCB” I heard about these mythical things called “Consignment Sales.” Just when my curiosity was piqued, my friend Ellen decided to begin the Kids Closet. I was all in from the get go! Opportunity knocked when Ellen had to move and the rest is history. From 5000 items to almost 30,000! Double the venues more than 30 events later, people are finally starting to get the picture! Consignment is cool! Save money, make money, have fun and make friends.

Upcoming Event:
Danbury September 28-29 2019, PAL Center

See our Home page for dates and times for both the Danbury and Ansonia CT sales. I am also adding sale locations in New York State, including Ulster and Orange Counties. Contact me for more information and to express interest in a specific area.

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